What are the qualities of a great marketing agency for your small business?

by Andy Barton

While marketing is essential if you want to grow your business from small-to-medium and from medium-to-large, you don't want to engage in an exercise in futility – you want to get value for your investment. Budgetary allocations for marketing in most organisations and businesses have generally increased in the last five years, according to a 2018-2019 survey by Gartner. This is an indication that marketing is an integral part of business growth and current business dynamics makes it even more significant. Social media, content, email, affiliates, product placement, internet ads, SEO (search engine optimisation) and media advertising are modern methods of marketing – also known as digital marketing. As trendy as they may sound; these strategies might not work without the right personnel on your side. Someone has to do the hard work. How do you get this marketing genius?

1. Look out for Drive

Look for passion in your marketing agency. Do they care about your audience, customers, and end-users? Your marketers must be willing to do more than what they are supposed to do. You can quickly tell if they are committed from their suggestions, research into your business, professionalism, friendliness, and the willingness to put in that extra work to help you achieve your sales targets.

2. Invest in Action

In the marketing industry, there are a few harmful elements that preach water and take wine. If, for example, they are not ready to detail their deliverables during the period of your contract, then you have a cause for worry. There should be no impossibilities in their vocabulary. A good marketer is ever willing to work with limited time and resources. A reduction in your marketing spend allocation must not necessarily translate into poor marketing campaigns.

3. Are they honest?

People don't like being tricked into making decisions they would typically loathe. Posting adverts just for ugly click-baiting can be a real turn-off for your audience. It is okay to be promotional and enticing without lying to your prospective customers. An outstanding marketing agency must also be sincere with you in providing accurate reports and raising the red flag whenever they suspect potential pitfalls in their efforts to deliver on your objectives.

4. Find out if they are adaptable

The business world keeps changing daily. A little folding of the hands to slumber may knock you out of the latest industry update that could have a reverberating effect on your kind of business. Consistency is a trait that is vital for staying relevant and flexible to excel as a marketing agency. A brilliant marketing firm will always find out what the interests and biases of your audiences are so that the content delivered to them is received with excitement and a significant likelihood of conversions. Social media, in particular, is a marketing platform that is very difficult to optimise if you don't get your strategies right.

5. Go for open-mindedness

Learning is a continuous and essential process for human development. No matter how knowledgeable or experienced a marketer is, they must never close down their learning doors. Constructive criticism is an opportunity to learn in disguise. As a small business owner, you want to work with people you can give directions to if need be. Your marketing service providers are not an exception. You are the boss!

6. Assess for SEO insight

How skilled is your marketing agency team with working around inbound marketing (social media, content, SEO, and brand marketing)? Your content quality is only as good as their visibility to the intended audience. A genius marketer should possess the ability to optimise their messaging for better search engine rankings, so they're seen easily by users.

7. Their love for data ought to be impressive

As they say, numbers don't lie. A smart marketing agency will have an insatiable appetite for figures, whether website analytics, the latest statistics in their client's industry, trends, and news. Marketers will come up with valuable insights into the business health from crunching performance numbers and come up with practical, actionable plans in achieving your business goals. Analytical skills are a key requirement to get the best out of your marketing team.

8. Keep your ears and eyes out for communication talent

Presentation skills are not a mere cog in the wheel of any enterprise, particularly if you want to make headway in building your small or medium business. In your search for a marketing partner, pay close attention to their ability to present your products or services to consumers in the best way possible. You should be in a position to pick out their storytelling flair and the ability to evoke emotions and take advantage of consumers' weak points.

Please look out for these qualities, and you are poised for an impressive ROI (return on investment). Feel free to contact us to discuss your marketing needs or just for more insight into digital marketing and business growth strategy. If you happen to live near Nottingham, Leicester, Derby or Birmingham, you are close to us, and we will be happy to receive your request for a visit. Andy will be available to talk to you exhaustively on your most pressing needs.

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